Welcome to Chiu Enterprises

Legit Projects

Big projects, like science fair projects.

Random Projects

Random things I do from which I learn important things.


Fixing stuff, which I do not for any altruistic, inspirational reason but because I get to take people’s stuff apart and it’s awesome.


Other stuff.

This is my website/blog where I post my various engineering-related projects. Included are legit projects that I do over a long period and random projects to explore new technologies, learn new skills, or improve my life. Though I aspire to be a mechanical engineer, many of my projects are in fact “plumbing” projects — they involve making something with mechanical components but not the calculation and painstaking design consideration of mechanical engineering. Also, I am an old man trapped in a young person’s body and I have a sort of aversion to solving problems exclusively with microchips and digital technology, though I do use Arduino in many of my projects.

This site was designed on and for computers, but I am continually in the process of making it more mobile-friendly. For now, you should be able to click images to enlarge them.