I recently added a contact form to my website and was told by my parents that it would lead to a lot of spam. Here’s the first one I’ve received, a few days after the form was launched:

Name: Christie Woo
Message: Have you seen this rice thing? It’s melting it off!

Note to spammers: rice cannot melt off fat, and even if it could, I am happy with my body and do not want to “melt off” fat from it. If I did, I would stop giving in to the multimillion-dollar industry that exists to make us eat more than is healthy, thus freeing myself from the multimillion-dollar industry that exists to make us thin again.

I have since added a reCAPTCHA to verify that form users are humans and not spambots.

UPDATE 2024-05-30: Last week a classmate told me he found my blog and tried to contact me, but the form didn’t notify me. This was probably because the form’s notification email wasn’t SMTP-validated, and I spent two hours trying to fix this. Then I gave up and just replaced the contact form with some text telling people to email me.